This colorful creature living loud gift box comes with 3 pairs, 1 pair each of Dragon and Unicorn, Crab and Jellyfish and Peacock and Elephant. All Pals don't match, because we don't have to match to besties. Join us in creating a friendlier world! This box comes with 3 matching PalsCards! Kids get to personalize their Pals and learn how they met. 89% Cotton, 9% Polyester, 2% Spandex. Pals are stretchy tube socks with sizes in a general age range. See sizing image for comparable shoe sizes. Features: – Each pair comes with a collectible PalsCard. – Ages 1-8 Have No-Skid Grips for Safety. – Quality Thickness To Prevent Holes - Guaranteed or We Replace. – Super soft, comfy socks kids love to collect!

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