Introducing our latest decorating accent! The Blue Limpet Shell Tabletop Tree is decorated from tip to top in all gorgeous aqua turquoise colors of the blue- green Limpet Shells. Every small area is covered.   Our tree comes in 5 sizes: 9 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, and 21 inches. *Measurement includes Starfish* Remember the bigger tree the more limpets! Wherever you choose to accent your home with this, it displays nicely from all angles. We've topped the tree with a beautiful white finger starfish which is removable. The Limpet tree is perfect for decorating in a clean, fresh, beachy style during the Holidays, but is truly a perfect piece to display all year round. Set the tree on a white concrete pillar, for a Seashell Topiary style. Not only would this make a great coastal accent to your home during the holiday season but it is also a great gift for that person you know that wishes they were always at the beach!

These are made by the Loving Coastal Living team. We have produced shell trees for over a decade. 


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