The 14"H Lanie Terracotta Sunrise Stained Glass Window Panel from River of Goods is sure to add a warm and inviting accent to your home decor. This stained glass panel depicts the sun at the horizon and has an oblong shape, making it a versatile piece for hanging in any window in your home. It’s composed of 27 individual glass cuts in red, brown, pink and yellow hues set against a translucent background of textured Tiffany-style glass. The metal link chain allows for immediate hanging in your living room, kitchen or bedroom — just be sure to place in a sunny window to see the color at its brightest.

Overall dimensions of 6.5in L x 0.25in W x 14in H Red, brown, pink and yellow Tiffany-style textured glass creates a beautiful sun-image window panel

Handcrafted construction features 27 individual glass cuts 14in high stained glass panel created using artisanal soldering methods 30in metal link chain attaches for immediate hanging

Hang in a window for a burst of warm color


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