Arabian Tibia 'Unicorn Horn' Shell

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Arabian Tibia 'Unicorn Horn' Shell
Mixed Arabian Tibia seashells, Tibia Insulaechoarab/ Tibia Curta, measure between 3 and 5 inches in length and are a brown/ tan colored seashell. Part of the Stromboidea family, commonly known as 'True Conch' Shells. Most are naturally polished by crashing waves & sand. They have a long, slender, spiral top and are perfect shells for handcrafted seashell mirrors, frames, home decorating, beach weddings & other social events, etc.
They are slightly heavier than most seashells, and have a thick wall. Perfect for scattering inside larger seashells, bowls, or tables to create a simple, yet elegant display & centerpieces.
Typically found in Red Sea/ Indian Ocean.

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