The Christmas Journey Collection by DEMDACO offers you a new way to connect with the spirit of this holy holiday. Explore the story of Joseph and Mary as they learn that soon Mary will give birth to the King of Kings, and must travel to Bethlehem for their safety. A selection of innovative ornaments and decor will renew your interest in this seasonal tale. Many pieces also feature biblical sentiments that spark genuine discussion amongst your guests during the celebration of Christmas. Starting with these three Christmas Feather Angel Message Ornaments on your tree. Each of three clear glass ornaments hosts a single white feather inside. Guests will wonder just how the feathers were placed inside these lovely oblong pieces. They each have a different sentiment printed on the front, including "May you always believe in angels; Feathers are reminders that angels are always near; May angels guide you in all that you do." These DEMDACO Christmas Feather Angel Message Ornaments each measures 11"h.

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