A set of 12 conversation coasters that are made of paperboard. The coasters are available in green, white and red colors with unique messages and images of multicolor beads and stars. Get the party started with these great accessories,. Makes a perfect festive and fun party accessory for entertaining and other seasonal celebrations. Sentiment: "If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe who would it be?, Kiss someone under the mistletoe; Would you prefer making toys with Santa or baking cookies with Mrs. Claus? Why?, Make up your own Christmas song; Would you rather be a reindeer or an elf? Why?, Do your best Santa Claus impression; What gets your tinsel in a tangle?, Mime your favorite Christmas activity and have everyone guess what it is; Would you rather fly in Santa’s sleigh or feed Santa’s reindeer? Why?, Quote your favorite Christmas movie and have everyone guess what it is; Have you ever caught Santa delivering your presents?, Make up a reindeer name for the person to your right; Give everyone at the party an elf name, Sing your favorite Christmas song in an elf voice; Which reindeer is your spirit animal and why?, Use one word to describe your favorite Christmas decoration in the room and have everyone try and guess what it is; Have you ever gotten coal for Christmas?, Act out the name of your favorite Christmas song and have everyone guess what it is; What is the best toy you ever got from Santa?, Do your best jingle bell shake; What part of the gingerbread man do you eat first?, Give your favorite Christmas movie and alternate name, and see if everyone can guess which one it is; If you could give Santa a makeover what would you do?, Sing jingle bells without saying jingle" DEMDACO Conversation Coasters - Set of 12 by Festive Fun Collection. Made of paperboard. Measures 4" dia.

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