This finger coral comes in a beautiful white color. This coral is almost in a near perfect round piece at a very slight tilt. The shape is ideal for display and measures approximately 19"wide x 16"deep x 8.5” tall in size. It has a flat bottom surface which allows it to be on almost any surface in your home. This coral would make a great addition to any collection whether its a coastal or even a minimalist chic type of home decor style. Coastal decor never go out of season, and even if you don't live by the shoreline- you can display simple small elements of its beauty in any home style to remind you of the coast.
We hope you display this coral with pride, coral is a precious resource, and now being treated like costly gems. We DO NOT support, nor sell, any New Specimens. WE ONLY SELL VINTAGE CORAL, and hope you'll only buy the same.


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