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The shell pictured above is the one that you will receive. This shell is nearly 9.5" inches long, an exceedingly large size for this species. It also has most of its periostracum , a very sought off tone & rarity.

Dimensions: 9.5" L x 5" W x 3" H

West Indian Chank Shell is the perfect shell for any home. These shells are primarily found in the Indian Ocean. This shell has large significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism as the word for chank comes from the Indian word shankha- meaning divine conch. These shells have been used as symbols fertility and snakes. These shells have a deep and beautiful history in South Asia.

They have a very distinct spiral top that comes out of the shell in a cone formation. The shell pictured above is the one that you will receive.

We do NOT believe in "perfect" shells. All of our shells have evidence that they were living creatures, meaning they have flaws. All shells are beautiful and special. Growth marks, chips, and holes are common in shells. We will show any "flaws" in the photos above.

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