Meshed top jar fits perfectly into your truck cup holder (works for cars too!). Works with our individually wrapped soy wax melts of approximately 1 fluid ounce of scented soy wax decorated with dehydrated fruit, spices and flowers.  Each melt is estimated to last for 2-3 months in your vehicle.  If you are near us in Texas your wax melt will melt easily most days and the scent will be stronger.  Be sure to take off the wrapper - leave it on the dash in the sun to melt a little more or place in the microwave before you leave (be sure to remove the top!).  When you get too used to the smell toss the melt in your house warmer and grab a new one!

Wax Melts Sold Here

About Rustic Swank's Candles:
Our candles and wax melts are hand poured using 100% soy wax, dehydrated fruit, flowers, spices and fragrance oils. Our wicks are cotton with paper filament and we REFILL. None of our products contain added Phthalate compounds! Hand made and poured in Texas!

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