Beautiful selection of Vintage Open Brain Coral. Open brain corals are a very resilient coral, making them common in many coral reefs. They are often found in more shallow waters and can be a single polyp or colonial
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Trachyphyllia geoffroyi

Each coral is unique! Here are some interesting features about this particular coral-
~Is a beautiful off-white color
~The bottom of this coral is very flat & perfect for sitting on its own
~Mid-sized coral, perfect for additions to displays or as a statement piece on its own
~This coral was recently acquired from an old shell shop in our area known as Shell World of Texas.*

*The owner & his father were very passionate & knowledgeable about the shell industry. We are super excited to carry on their legacy & seashells in our own shop. Many of the items in this collection have been untouched & in storage since the 80s, some even prior to that.

Dimensions are: 8" L x 4" W x 5"H

Decorating with Sea Shells and Vintage and/or coral is a very HOT Designer Trend. Coastal Styles never go out of season, and even if you don't live by the shoreline- you can display simple small elements of its beauty in any home style. I'm amazed at the amounts of beautiful sea life featured in top decorating magazines, even if it's not a Coastal Trend magazine, most photos contain some type of sea life feature in each photo! From a large shell on a shelf, to an entire room filled with the sea treasures!

We hope you display this coral with pride, coral is a precious resource, and now being treated like costly gems. We DO NOT support, nor sell, any New Specimens. WE ONLY SELL VINTAGE CORAL, and hope you will only buy the same.

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