A true work of art by nature, spondylus shells are very unique. Featuring a natural ball-and-socket-like hinge and prominent spikes, each shell is truly one of a kind. Spondylus are commonly known as spiny or thorny oysters- even though they are not truly oysters- and have been used throughout history for jewelry, ceremonies/rituals, and architectural decoration.
With approximately 76 species known, we are constantly researching and learning more on this family. This particular spondylus is believed to be either a gaederopus or senegalensis species.
This listing is for the shell photographed which measures approx 3.25"x3.75" with spikes.
We were fortunate enough to acquire an old collection of these seashells from an old shell shop local to our area. It is believed these shells were collected anywhere between the 1920s-1960s, although exact date & original origin is unknown.

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