About Us

Lynnette Stirling, lives near beautiful North Padre Island along the coast of Texas. She loves spending countless hours on the beach year round, and is a true Beach Bum! She typically has a shell in her pocket, and sand in between her toes. Lynnette says she feels a little closer to heaven on the beac

She has now opened her store in Port Aransas, Texas and is living out her dream with the family. Her coastal artwork and vintage finds are bringing joy in her shop by the sea. She is hoping to keep Port Aransas small, like it has always been. While Lynnette's dreams are coming true by having a retail space so are her husband, Matthew's. He is overjoyed to not have a full blown business in the front room and garage of his house. He is also extremely happy to see his wife achieving her goals. The entire family is working to help the shop succeed.