Share the gift of this pocket-sized plush gnome. Includes a personalized hangtag with their name and charming favorite things personality story. 

4X2X9(in) -Polyester. name is Jewels. Don't be afraid to make some waves! Some things I love to do...watching seahorses and starfish, diving down deep and popping seaweed pods, floating, splashing and making waves. name is Avery. Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go! A few of my favorite things...butterflies and sunny days, smelling flowers, making wishes and watching dreams come true. name is Blaze. Be bold, be brave, be you! People love being around me because...I'm not afraid of the dark, my fiery laugh keeps my friends safe and I tell the best jokes. name is Finn. Let your true colors come shining through! A few of my favorite things...puddles and rainbows, lollypops, jelly beans and friends who love me just as I am! name is Romeo. You are my love bug! Things that I love...sunbathing on flowers, hugs & kisses and good luck charms. I also love people that make my heart smile. name is Ozzie. Music is my jam! A few of my favorite things...sliding on my knees with the guitar while nodding my head. Dancing, singing and playing along with all my favorite tunes. name is Happy. The best things in life are sweet! A few of my favorite things...cupcakes and cookies, donuts and sweets and people who remember to brush their teeth. name is Skye. Always be a unicorn! A few things I love...fluttering wings and beautiful wishes, magical forests and white cloudy skies. I love when my friends believe that anything is possible. name is Candy. Life is short, make it sweet. A few of my favorite things... candy floss, gum drops, cinnamon hearts and making memories of all the sweet times with you. name is Champ. Take time to play. Things to know about me...I love to play with friends, to be part of a team, to be a good sport whether I win or lose. It's how you play the game. name is Cherry. When life gives you lemons... Some thing I know are true...there is always a way to make things better, if you just stay positive and focus on the good. Make cherry lemonade when life gives you lemons. name is Coco. Be your own kind of beautiful. A few of my favorite things...everything fashion, everything style, anything pink and your friendly smile. I believe a girl should always be 2 things: who and what she wants. name is Coralie. Don't be afraid to dive right in. Some things to know about me...I just like to dive in, try new things and make waves. Every day is a chance to have fun and make new friends. name is Kai. Always say yes to adventure. A few of my favorite things...I like adventures & discovering new places. Friends, sun, sand and sea, sounds like a dream come true for me. I also love giant sunglasses, the bigger the better. name is Sharky. Make today jawsome. A few of my favorite things...schools full of friends, fish large and small, big waves and surf, I love them all, but I chews you! 


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