Truly in a league of her own this lovely creature of the deep has wrapped her arms around our finest creamy white premium porcelain, bringing a sense of deepwater whimsy to the table. This blue and white dinnerware is a one of a kind crowd pleaser.

Items in this Collection
Coupe Platter 12.5" D, 1" H                                                                                         
Coupe Dinner Plate - 10.75" D

Coupe Salad/Dessert Plate 8.5" D
Canapes (4 Styles)6.25" D
Small Oval Platter 12" L, 6.75" W
Medium Oval Platter 12.5" D
Large Oval Platter 16" L  x  12.5" W  
Snack Bowl 4" D, 2.5" H
Cereal Bowl 5.5" D, 2.25" H                                                                                                Tall Cereal Bowl - 5.5" D, 3" H
Low Profile Soup/Pasta Bowl 9.25" D," 2.25" H
Wide Serving Bowl 11.5" D," 3.25" H
Large Round Serving Bowl 9.75" diameter, 5" height
Coffee Mug 4" H, 3.75" D - 14 oz

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe


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