In blushing shades of the palest pink, our favorite Peony blooms with unabashed romanticism. This limited edition was created to honor all the brave women and their families who have struggled with breast cancer. As women and as human beings, we are all touched by this disease.  Drawing on classical, historic imagery, our Peony pattern tells a distinctly fresh and sophisticated story of beauty. Our prized Peony first made its debut at the celebrated Met Gala in New York City, and it's been stunning crowds ever since. 

Items in this Collection          

  • Coupe Salad Plate -  8.5" D
  • Small Oval Platter - 11.5" L x 6.75" W
  • Canapes - 6.25" D
  • Snack Bowl - 4" D, 2.5" H

Microwave & Dishwasher safe



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