Fresh from Chicago, Dubin Dog gives you permission to relish every day of the summer. This little weiner comes with all the trimmings - mustard, relish, tomato, pickle, celery salt, and flip-flops. Keep cool and keep your sunglasses on, people!

Started in 2017, DUBIN DOGS Mobile Food cart has been helping folks get that 'Summer Feeling' by serving up delicious Chicago Style Hot Dogs to a multitude of satisfied customers. Come see them at the Williams Bay, WI Beach, where you can enjoy a Chi-Dog and take in the beautiful views of Lake Geneva. You'll always get a Taste of Summer at DUBIN DOGS Mobile Food cart!

Contains: one 2" - 3" string doll character with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw keyring. Fair Trade and Handmade in Thailand, each string doll has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. They are fun for the whole family and make a perfect gift.


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