Bring a light touch to your holiday celebrations with the relaxing, yet rustic pieces from the Lovely Christmas Collection. Several items from this set of holiday ornaments are designed by watercolor and acrylic artist, Lori Siebert. This year, she sets the normally bright and bold Christmas colors aside for more muted tones, shades, and natural designs inspired by seasonal flora and fauna. Start building your holiday ornament collection with these two Lit Conservatory Scene Christmas Ornaments. A cute winter scene awaits you inside each glass box. They contain a snow covered house surrounded by tall conifers. The houses have windows that glow from within when a small LED light is switched on to make it look like someone is home. A sprig of holly is attached to a round metal hanger at the top of each ornament. These DEMDACO Lit Conservatory Scene Christmas Ornaments -each measure 4.5"w x 3"d x 5.5"h. Powered by a small 1.5V button cell battery.

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