The Mutant Lightning Whelk is very special to us hear in the Lone Star State! These shells are our state shell, because Texas has a state everything. What is so cool about these shells are they have a "left handed" spiral or "counterclockwise" spiral- scientifically its called a sinistral spiral. Along the Gulf of Mexico, some native populations considered this shell to be sacred or extremely valuable to their society. It was used in ceremonies, used to make jewelry, and the creature that resides in these shells was a main food source.

Lightning Whelks are a primarily white with accents of tans and browns around the spiraled head. They have a very ridged surface. The lines indicate growth periods and the overall life of the shell and come to a point at the "head" of the shell as horns. This specific shell is 5.25 inches long. The shell pictured above is the shell you will receive. Notice the spiral mutation.

We do NOT buy, sell, or believe in the concept of a "perfect shell". All shells have a complete uniqueness to themselves. Shells are bound to have chips, holes, or structural imperfections. All "flaws" will be photographed and shown above.

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