Scientific Name: Murex Erythrostomus

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You will NOT receive the exact shell in the photos- this is a staff pick but we will be sure to choose one that is amazing!
This spiky topped wonder is great for displaying on mantels, bookshelves, vanities, creating centerpieces, coastal decorating for home or office. Highly collectible for it's beautiful frilly lace style spines & natural sculptural appearance. Nestle an air plant or pop in a nice group of succulents- this gorgeous shell will make a great planter for the garden or patio. The Murex shell will be beautiful in wedding centerpieces and table scapes and fun to display around the house for a beach vibe.

***You will receive 1 shell per order!***

All of our shells are real & unique. The majority of the shells we sell are intended for crafting purposes & are not specimens (unless otherwise specified); meaning that most will show evidence of their lives in the ocean. There may be natural variations such as but not limited to: growth marks, pinpoint holes, chipped points or edges, calcium build up, etc. WE DO NOT SELL “PERFECT” SHELLS- our shells are natural, beautiful, & imperfect.

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