Fabulous and amazing Sun Carrier Shell. This wonderful little spiral type shell travel the floors of the sea, picking up little wanders as they go. You will receive ONE of our shells from our collection. Each measures approx 5" with the spines and about 3" at the body of the shell. We currently have a limited amount from a recent buy out of an old shell shell that closed in 80's. These are NOT specimen shells, and there WILL be tip damage as shown in photos. Because of the quantity of our stock, we do not individually photograph each shell. You will receive one very much like the ones pictured.

They have a near translucent appearance- and would make a great piece to add to a cabinet of curiosities, a photography project/ collection, or a simple glass cloche display.

Xenophoridae (species of snails) are the most remarkable bunch of snails. Both their common name, Carrier Shells, and their Latin name, Xenophoridae (Xenophorids), give away their uniqueness -in Latin it actually translates to foreign carrying. A carrier shell will cement stones, other shells, coral sponges, and other debris to its shell. The individual pieces of foreign matter become larger as the snail grows and is often cemented to outer shell as a way of natural protection.


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