Kim Rody has been a professional fine art painter since 2000, when she dropped out of the corporate world to paint full time. She began gaining a following in South Florida and the Bahamas by painting large, colorful and dramatic canvases of fish, turtles, palm trees, and all things tropical. Over the last decade she has become known as the "fishartista". Kim's dinnerware uses her colorful marine images and are fired at 1500 degrees on beautifully crafted bright white porcelain shapes. These useful, beautiful and sturdy table pieces are great for your log cabin, sailboat, or villa. Or anywhere else!

Dimensions -                                                                                                                   Salad Plate - 7.25                                                                                                           Tidbits Plate - 5"                                                                                                                 Big Dipper - 5"                                                                                                               Little Dipper - 2.75"                                                                                                               Bamboo Chopsticks                                                                                                         Sake Set with Round Cups                                                                                                    

Tandem Marlins Dinnerware

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