We celebrate sun, sand & authentic sea glass! Come discover true treasure. Elegant sea glass jewelry that supports our oceans. Oceano’s founder & designer Christine Gable Epstein is a native of Pennsylvania with a passion for the sea. Oceano jewelry features gems of unaltered, ocean-found sea glass. Never altered, conditioned or colored, Oceano’s sea glass is touched only by sand, saltwater & time. Every piece of jewelry is expertly handcrafted with designs that capture a breezy beach luxe. Each color of genuine sea glass tells a story that mixes history with a bit of mystery… ink wells, pirate rum, vials of cologne belonging to sea-faring paramours. 10% of Oceano proceeds are donated to animal rescue & ocean protection. We work with earth and people-friendly partners who share our values and strive to make a positive difference in the world. In dedication to living in harmony with nature, we support the efforts of Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Clean-up Project and are proud sponsors of Defensa Animal de Rincon; an organization that works to help abandoned and abused dogs, cats & horses. We are dedicated to originality and authenticity and stand strongly against the mass-produced, throw-away mind set. Oceano Sea Glass Jewelry is crafted to be treasured for a lifetime and we faithfully stand behind the enduring quality and workmanship of our creations.