Sabrinah Chappell is the artist behind Texas Mermade. You can find her on our website as well as her own website and on Instagram @Texas_MerMade. Here's a word from the artist:


I know because I am one! I am that person who loves the taste of salt water and having sand inside everything I own.  I NEED the ocean because that’s where my soul is renewed and where my true self is reborn.  If the ocean is your place of refuge and serenity, a place where your soul feels bigger than your body, then you are likely a mermaid too. We are already best friends.

Fort Worth is not a coastal town, so for now I spend time in the ocean through the creation of my art.  In my sculptures I create glimpses of our underwater world so it can be seen and admired right here on land.  Natural elements from the sea such as corals, shells, and barnacles are the focus of my sculptural pieces.  They are ethically sourced. Raw minerals, gemstones, and crystal points are then clustered in and around the corals to create a lush tabletop reef or ocean-inspired art for your walls.  

Because my sculptures mimic the natural and unique beauty of the ocean, they will bring the serenity and healing energy of the sea into your living space and give you something beautiful to look at each day. I enjoy creating home accessory pieces, wall art and installations, as well as functional sculptures such as votives, decorative bowls, mirrors, and book ends.

My favorite items to use as a base for my sculptures are antique containers. I love old silver tea sets, brass bowls and planters, or anything that looks like it may have fallen to the ocean floor from a ship lost at sea.  In the ocean, corals and sea-life will naturally take hold and grow on man-made objects. Although this can be very beautiful, it is also a reminder that we need to be more careful with our oceans. 

I am a strong believer in ocean conservation and my art is a way for me to spark a similar desire in others.  A portion of all sales is donated to the Texas Sealife Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, where injured coastal animals are rescued, treated, and released right next to my favorite beach. 

I am a mom of two, Alora (6) and August (3).  I am an artist from birth and my creativity is something I'm very proud of.  I love that art has no rules and I can create freely. I love documentaries, DIY, cycling and kettlebells, all types of music, the colors aqua and purple, anything that shines or sparkles, wildflowers, birds, summertime, dinner dates, coffee first thing, the smell of fresh linens, the clinking of china, antique furniture, mythological creatures, and astrology. My favorite ocean animals are hammerheads, loggerheads, and humpbacks. I was born on a full moon on the first day of spring and as a Pisces I’m always searching for a deeper meaning in everything.

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