Ranch Water is a custom design and fabrication outfit focused on creating unique and artistic pieces of furniture, light fixtures and home decor. We pride ourselves on producing beautiful, original designs from metal, wood, stone and leather products.

Unique to Ranch Water is our culture and story in which the artistic expression draws upon. Owner and artist, Dennis Whitfield, was raised a fifth generation Texan, galvanizing his formative years fishing the majestic shoreline of the Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico. Dennis then began working the ranch lands of Texas, from the Hill Country to the Coastal Bend. Dennis’ roots run deep in the caliche soil, and his stories are told through his one of a kind masterpieces. Ranch Water’s story is the story of Texas, seen through the lens of a master in his craft and told through the materials that build her.

We hope you’ll join us in sharing this rich and beautiful story too by bringing Ranch Water into your home.

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