Share the gift of this pocket-sized plush gnome. Includes a personalized hangtag with their name and charming favorite things personality story. Polyester.

Dimensions: 4X2.7X9(in)

Skull and Top Hat: Hello...my name is Bones. I'm the life of the party. No bones about it, Halloween is my jam. I am a really good dancer and have a funny bone that will make you laugh for hours. I consider myself an official candy tester, but I always brush my teeth before bed.

Witch: Hello...my name is Elvira. I'm too cute to spook. I love Halloween because I can dress up. I am always looking for new friends. Can I put a spell on you to always be mine? Don't worry you can easily bribe me with chocolate if you change your mind.

Cat: Hello...my name is Minerva. I'm the purrrfect pal. When the moon comes out, I love to howl, especially on Halloween when it's extra scary. I am also very loyal and you can tell me anything, your secrets are always safe with me.

Vampire: Hello...my name is Vlad. I will steal your heart. A day spent with you is my favorite day. I'm super friendly and love to hug. Don't let me teeth fool you, I won't bite, truthfully I much prefer to drink juice. - xoxo


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