A charming picture! These adorable hummingbirds are sharing a sip of nectar as they flutter over a brilliant rose blossom. Their vibrant real stained glass blue and yellow bodies contrast perfectly with the deep flower. Glass Panels are a wonderful way to brighten up a room. A perfect addition for fall décor & gift giving. This piece is handcrafted from 162 glass cuts and 15 cabochons to bring about an image of beauty and bliss. Window panels are not only great for adding color to your window, but they also add privacy without the weight of draperies and blinds. Panels can also be displayed against a wall for a more contemporary, gallery feel. This piece has been soldered together using the copper foil method, made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s.

30" chain for convenient display options.

Overall Dimensions: 24"L x 12"H


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