The fabulous Australian Trumpet Shell or Syrinx Aruanus- the mollusk species known as 'The largest Shell in the World' *(the largest shell ever recorded was nearly 39 inches long & weighed over approx 31 lbs!). One of the world's most sought after and popular shells! Due to the age and size of the shells, we offer a limited supply of these extraordinary shells. They have a beautiful apricot coloring.

These shells were recently acquired from an old shell shop in our area known as Shell World of Texas. The owner & his father were very passionate & knowledgeable about the shell industry. We are super excited to carry on their legacy & seashells in our own shop. Many of the items in this collection have been untouched & in storage since the 80s, some even prior to that.

Due to the vast collection obtained, we are offering these as 'Shop picked' and you will receive one beautiful shell from our inventory, not the exact shell shown in photos. This allows us to save time and offer these treasures at an affordable price.

In the future, we will offer shells as 'select picks' and offer them as the exact shell pictured. Until then, hang on! We're sorting and taking inventory on the overall awesomeness of the latest acquisition.

All of our shells are real & unique. The majority of the shells we sell are intended for crafting purposes & are not specimens (unless otherwise specified); meaning that most will show evidence of their lives in the ocean. There may be natural variations such as but not limited to: growth marks, pinpoint holes, chipped points or edges, calcium build up, etc. WE DO NOT SELL PERFECT SHELLS- our shells are natural, beautiful, & imperfect.

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