Latitude Sea Turtle - Perhaps the most beloved creature of the sea is the sea turtle. This wall decor sea turtle sign has the feel of an underwater experience of swimming right along with the turtle. Look closely and you will see its "Mona Lisa smile." If you love sea turtles, or all things of the sea, then this sign will be perfect for your beach house, home, or office. This sea turtle sign would be a great gift for any special occasion. Notice that the latitude coordinates give it a nautical feel.

The text is customizable to any location of your desire (6-8 week processing)- see For Lauderdale example.

The turtle design will be of the Fort Lauderdale picture but can be customized to show requested location as shown below.

It is printed on wood that contains knotholes and other imperfections thus giving it a rustic character. People often ask, "Is this a real sea turtle sign?"

* dimensions 40” by 14” *


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