Our fabulous rust or orange colored Lions Paw Scallop Shells are a beautiful solution for bringing a touch of Coastal Living Style to any room. These large shells are approx 5-7" (some are slightly larger) and make lovely additions to a candle display, used as a coastal soap dish, or simple little accents just placed on an end table or bookshelf. They are a great idea for our crafty friends, and because of their nice large size, are easily the center attraction in seashell home decor such as table centerpieces, or framed seashell art. Endless creating possibilities with other sea life & shells or just a great, simple display by themselves!
Creating a Mermaid Bra? These work awesome! If you are purchasing a pair for that reason, please feel free to leave us a note so we can match up a set specially for you.
With a purchase, you'll receive one shell (not paired, one half as shown). If you'd be interested in multiple shells for Coastal or Nautical Events like weddings or other parties, feel free to contact us about a bulk discount.

Scientific Name: Nodipecten nodosus


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