Beautiful Black and Pearl Pica Magpie Turbo Shells are ​Beautifully polished- hints of white & silver pearl and shiny black. These make beautiful seashell centerpiece arrangements and even look lovely in a bowl of shells.

Approx 2-3"

You will receive ONE shell per order.

Also known as Cittarium pica seashells, magpie shells, Arapica​ ​shells​, West Indian top shell​,​ or pica shells. The shells ​are very thick ​&​ heavy with natural pearlized colors when polished. 
These shells have been polished and some of them will have a pearl bands on the shells. 

In some Spanish-speaking parts of the Caribbean, where they are used as a food source Cittarium pica is known as caracoles (snails, in Spanish) as bulgao. In Venezuela it is called quigua; in Cuba it is called cigua.


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