These Strawberry Strombus Conch Shells are perfect for DIY decorating & seashell crafts. The shells have beautiful tan and brown coloring with stripes on some shells & a pretty pink inner area. Shells measure approx 1.5-2.5" long and are perfect additions in bouquets (see how we used them in our Shell Bouquets on second photo), frames, mirrors, or simply adding to a jar of other shells on display in your home.

Scientific Name: Strombus Luhuanus

  You will receive ( 1 ) shell per order. 

1 lb bags are available you'll receive approximately 30 shells per pound.

**All of our shells are real & unique. The majority of the shells we sell are intended for crafting purposes & are not specimens (unless otherwise specified); meaning that most will show evidence of their lives in tum build up, etc. WE DO NOT SELL “PERFECT” SHELLS- our shells are natural, beautiful, & imperfect.


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