An adorable goldfish is feeling Too Crowded and goes on a journey to discover the world beyond his fishbowl...only to learn there's no place like home. 40-page hardcover.

Gil the Goldfish lives in a fishbowl with 138 pebbles—he counts them every day—and a castle. It feels TOO CROWDED! When Gil leaves his bowl in search of open spaces, he finds a world full of many interesting...and loud...and possibly dangerous...creatures. It turns out that life outside the bowl might not be right for a fish. Thank goodness for Turtle, a citizen of the not-so-great outdoors who comes to Gil's rescue! Will Gil make peace with his home sweet home, and maybe even find room for a friend in the process?

- Deeply resonant theme: Now more than ever, feeling a bit too crowded at home and learning to love where you live are relevant for readers Popular category: This book satisfies reader demand for picture books starring lovable, funny characters with subtle underlying messages for children


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